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Gide is continually republished as he finds new readerships throughout the world. We offer several pieces of information.

1. A list of all Gide's major works by English title (the majority of these were published in english as first editions by Knopf). The date listed after each book is the date of first publication in France (publishers of French first editions to follow shortly). The publisher and date listed in parentheses are for the best guess for the first American edition (Please see the photographic gallery for scanned files of some of these English edition covers). If anyone requires information on these first editions please contact the online center for Gidian Studies.

2. A sampling of translated works "currently" in publication.

3. A list of all of Gallimard editions of Gide's works with ISBN numbers.

4. A list showing which poets published which poems in which issues of the entire run of La Conque which was edited by Pierre Louÿs and included some of Gide's earliest writings. Compiled by Mike Alexander.

works in english translation

As listed in the Journals of André Gide 1889-1949 (Alfred A. Knopf, 1948 New York). Books are listed by type and date of French publication

Poetry in Verse and in Prose

The Notebooks of Andre Walter, 1891 (Philosophical Library, 1968)
The Poems of Andre Walter, 1892
The Treatise of Narcissus, 1891 (Atlas Press, 1994)
The Attempt at Love, 1893
Urien's Travels, 1893 (Citadel Press, 1964)
The Fruits of the Earth, 1897 (Knopf, 1949)
El Hadj, 1899
Amyntas, 1906 (Ecco Press, 1988)
The Prodigal's Return, 1907
New Fruits of the Earth, 1935 (Knopf, 1949)


The Immoralist, 1902 (Knopf 1930)
Strait is the Gate, 1909 (Knopf, 1924)
Isabelle / The Pastoral Symphony (collected in Two Symphonies), 1911/1919 respectively (Knopf 1931)
The School for Wives, 1929 (Knopf 1929)
Robert, 1929 (collected in School for Wives, Knopf 1929)
Genevieve, 1929 (collected in School for Wives, Knopf 1929)

Satirical Farces

Prometheus Ill-Bound,1899 (Chatto and Windus, 1919)
The Vatican Swindle (Lafcadio's Adventures), 1914 (Knopf 1925, 1927)
Oedipus, 1931 (collected in Two Legends, 1950)
Theseus, 1946 (collected in Two Legends, 1950)


The Counterfeiters, 1926 (Knopf, 1927)


Pretexts, 1903 (Meridian Books, 1959)
Further Pretexts, 1911 (Meridian Books, 1959)
Dostoievsky,1923 (Knopf, 1926)
Angles of Incidence, 1924
Montaigne 1929 (Horace Liveright (limited edition, signed), 1929)
Miscellany, 1931
Imaginary Interviews, 1943 (Knopf, 1944)


Philoctetes, 1899
King Candaules, 1901
Saul, 1903
Bathsheba, 1912
Oedipus, 1931
Persephone, 1933
Robert or the Common Weal, 1944-5
My Theatre (collecting Philoctetes, King Candaules, Saul, Bathsheba, and Persephone Knopf, 1951)


Recollections of the Assize Court, 1914 (Hutchinson and Co., 1941)
Corydon, 1924 (Farrar Straus and Co., 1950)
If It Die ..., 1926 (Random House, 1935)
Numquid et tu ...?,1926
An Unprejudiced Mind, 1929
The Redureau Case, 1930
The Poiters Incarceration Case, 1930
Oscar Wilde (Philosophical Library, 1949)
The Secret Drama of my Life (Boar's Head Books, 1951)
So Be It or The Chips Are Down (Knofp, 1959)


Travels in the Congo, 1927 (collected in Travels in the Congo Knopf, 1929)
Dindiki, 1927
Return to Chad, 1928 (Knopf, 1929)
Return From the U.S.S.R., 1939 (Knopf, 1937)
Afterthoughts on the U.S.S.R., 1937 (Knopf, 1938)


The Journals of André Gide 1889-1949, 1939 (Knopf, 1947-1951)
Extracts from the Journals 1939-1942, 1949

selected works currently in publication

    translated by Richard Howard (Ecco Press, 1988)

    The Counterfeiters
    (Various Presses, various dates)

    The Immoralist
    (Various Presses, various dates)

    The Journals of André Gide
    (Various Presses, various dates)

    The Notebooks of Andre Walter
    translated by Wade Baskin (Philosophical Library, 1968)

    Strait is the Gate
    (Various Presses, various dates)

    The Tractate of Narcissus, (Theory of the Symbol)
    in The Book of Masks; Arkhive Two translated by Andrew Mangravite (Atlas Press, 1994)

    Travels in the Congo
    translated by Dorothy Bussy (Ecco Press, 1994)

    Two Symphonies
    (Various Presses, various dates)

    Urien's Voyage
    translated by Wade Baskin (Citadel Press, 1964)