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There are a variety of international organizations whose focus is André Gide. The list below is a starting point.

Organizations - United States

  • The Online Center for Gidian Studies is based in Pittsburgh and grew out of an admiration for the life and works of André Gide.

    We have an extensive collection of English and American first edtions of Gide's books as well as books containing critical texts, letters, limited edition French printings of Gide's writings and other items of Gidian interest. We also own a large collection of modern French literature, focusing on the Surrealist and Modernist periods. Please click here for more information on us.

  • GIDENET, the electronic mailing list devoted to Gidian studies, was begun in October 1998. The discussion group trades ideas and information between researchers, teachers, and students. List members use both French and English.

    Installed at New College of the University of South Florida, GIDENET is an unmoderated list: all messages sent to GIDENET are automatically distributed to the entire list. The current GIDENET manager is Jocelyn Van Tuyl.

    Rights of reproduction of messages sent to this list are not reserved. Opinions expressed on this list commit only their authors. The administrator of the list reserves the right to exclude all individual that send offensive messages.

    To subscribe to GIDENET, send a message containing your name, and email address to:

    Organizations - France

  • André is a comprehensive site put together by the students of IUT Michel de Montaigne, University of Bordeaux 3 under the direction of Prof. Martine Sagaert.

  • The Association des Amis d'André Gide was founded in 1968 and is devoted to defending the memory and the work of André Gide.

    The AAAG promotes studies concerning Gide, publishes a quarterly bulletin, and organizes visits to places frequented by Gide. Several membership levels include not only the bulletin itself but an "annual book" published by Gallimard dealing with some aspect of Gidian scholarship.

  • is run by Pascal Mercier.'s goal is to distribute all relative information to the existence, work, and study of André Gide. It welcomes contact from readers across the world. A comprehensive French language reference, the site has sections devoted to Gide's life, his works and correspondance and critical studies of his books as well as the various publications printed by the Association des Amis d'André Gide.

    Organizations - Other

  • The Alliance Francaise is a network of over 1,300 independently run committees established in 130 countries of the world, sponsored by the French Government. An educational tool with world-wide official recognition, they are the world's largest network of French language schools. They offer cultural programs and classes in many of the major cities in the world. American Branch.

  • The Cultural Services of the French Embassy web site contains information on cultural and educational events in France and abroad.