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Posted here are assorted critical essays on Gide that have been gather over the years. All bibliographical sources are noted within the essays. If you need any further information or have to verify page numbers, etc.., or would like to submit a paper or essay on Gide, please contact the online center for Gidean Studies.

Please note: When searching for critical texts you may find some links not yet active. The articles referenced by these links will be placed online as quickly as we are able to. Thank you for your patience.

André Gide | André Maurois

In the following excerpt from his 1965 memoir of Gide, he discusses the moral doctrine of Les Nourritures Terrestres.

The Leadership of André Gide | Regis Michaud

In the following excerpt, Michaud discusses Gide as moralist and thinker.

Gide's Fictional Technique | Justin O'Brien

In the following excerpt from a 1951 essay, he traces the origin of many of the plot and narrative techniques that Gide used in Les Faux Monnayeurs and earlier works.

André Gide | Enid Starkie

In the following excerpt, she discusses Gide's complex psychological makeup and comments on his role as a moralist who "had aspirations towards spirituality, asceticism and Puritanism; but also leanings towards sensuality, self-indulgence and sin".

Gide et apres? | J.-K. Paulhan

Author: J.-K. Paulhan, Département de la Formation Humaine, École navale 29240 Brest-Naval,

Les Relations Conjugales d'André Gide Rapportees Dans Son Journal Intime - Et Nunc Manet In Te | Anuradha Bhattacharjee