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news and updates

  • April 23, 2003

    University of Illinois Press: forthcoming title (summer 2003)
    (contact at the University of Illinois Press:

    Judge Not by André Gide
    Translated from the French and with an Introduction and Notes by Benjamin Ivry

    André Gide's lifelong fascination with the conventions of society led naturally to a strong interest in France's judicial system. At the age of sixty Gide published Judge Not, a collection of writings detailing his own experiences with the law as well as his thoughts on truth, justice, and judgment.

    Gide's obsession with crime and punishment was not just a morbid hobby; rather, it struck at the heart of his themes as a writer. In the literary tradition of Dostoyevsky and Conrad, Gide frequently used criminals as central characters to explore human nature and the individual's place in society.

    In the first essay in Judge Not, "A Memoir of the Assize Court," Gide writes about his experience as a juror in several trials, including that of an arsonist (Gide actively sought jury duty, so great was his interest in legal matters). In "The Redureau Case" and "The Confined Woman of Poitiers" Gide analyzes two famous crimes of his day, an inexplicable slaughter by Marcel Redureau, a docile fifteen-year-old vineyard laborer who violently murdered his employer's family, and the respected Monnier family's confinement of their daughter, Blanche. Both cases fascinated Gide--elements of each would appear in his later fiction--and he looks closely at the facts of each as they came out in court. In addition, in "News Items" Gide analyzes the way newspapers present crime narratives, drawing from the hundreds of press clippings he collected throughout his life.

    Benjamin Ivry has translated from the French Vanished Splendors: The Memoirs of Balthus, Raoul Dufy's My Doctor, Wine, and Jules Verne's Magellania, among other books. He is the author of the poetry collection Paradise for the Portuguese Queen as well as the biographies Francis Poulenc, Arthur Rimbaud, and Maurice Ravel: A Life.

    "Benjamin Ivry has translated and edited Gide's treatise on justice and depravity with admirable skill and exacting scholarship. Gide compiled this dossier of source material with unblinking honesty (or curiosity, as he called it) and subjected it to the moral acuity for which his fiction is famous."
    --Guy Davenport, author of Da Vinci's Bicycle: Ten Stories

    "An indispensable item in the Gidean panoply, which Mr. Ivry has translated acutely and prefaced quite acrobatically. How clear it becomes, with each "new" text of Gide's in English (but it was anything but clandestine in the French so many decades back) that a "free mind" involves compelling responsibilities, here set forth with compulsive attention to principle and detail.
    --Richard Howard, translator of works by Gide, Camus, St.-Exupéry, Baudelaire, Cocteau, and others

    "An excellent translation of this little-known, but wonderfully compelling work. One is struck, as always, by the keenness of Gide's mind: his lucid and meticulous reasoning, his omnivorous curiosity, his sensitive appreciation of the incomprehensible."
    --Jordan Stump, author of Naming and Unnaming: On Raymond Queneau

  • September 23, 2001

    After an unavoidable absence, I have returned and have added two new essays to the La Porte etroite | Strait is the Gate section by Wallace Fowlie and George Painter.

    It is my hope to have the remaining essays in this section as well as the ones for The Counterfeiters uploaded in the next few months. If anyone requires these essays before I have them online, please use the contact page and email me.

  • January 23, 2001

    I am just back from "Gide en Floride", a three day conference concering aspects of Gidian Studies. I would like to publically thank Jocelyn Van Tuyl and Christine Armstrong for their deft organization and energy. I would also like to thank all of the presenters and conference guests who spoke to me over the course of the conference about this site. Your comments and questions are very much appreciated and changes and additions are already being made. has launched several new additions to the site:

  • New Books on Gide - a listing of international soon to be and newly published works on André Gide.
  • Upcoming Conferences and Calls for Papers - listing information on international conferences on Gide as well as calls for papers (A few conferences will be listed within the week).
  • About the Center - information on the creator of

    In the coming months I hope to complete the section on critical essays on the five currently featured books by Gide as well as begin listing essays on new books. I also hope to additionally create a new focus on the site for scholars and researchers to aid and support their work on Gide. Any comments or ideas will be very much appreciated. Please also send any conference, call for papers, or publication information to the Center. I will try and update everything in a timely manner.

  • November 20, 2000

    A new essay by George Painter on The Immoralist has been uploaded

  • November 10, 2000

    A comprehensive outline indexing the entire site's links in text form has been created to facilitate navigation.

  • November 8, 2000

    The schedule of events for Gide en Floride has been posted at their web site as well as travel and hotel information.

    A new essay by George Painter on Caves of the Vatican / Lafcadio's Adventures has been uploaded as well as an essay by Albert Guerard on The Immoralist.

    Hopefully all remaining links currenty not active will be up and running shortly (mainly these are essays dealing with The Counterfeiters and Strait is the Gate).

  • July 17, 2000

    New information concerning Gide en Floride - an international conference co-sponsored by New College of the University of South Florida and Denison University. See the events calendar.

  • July 16, 2000

    We have added a list of all of the Gallimard printings of Gide's works along with their ISBN numbers. A list of all contributors to Pierre Louÿs' La Conque, including Gide, along with dates, page numbers and listing of all texts. And we will soon begin to put papers and essays received by scholars around the world in the thesis studies. Note that all works presented are the copyright of the original authors. No works may be reproduced without the express written consent of the author.

  • February 1, 2000 - Official launch of

    For those who have been visiting "the library" for the last several years, you have watched the Andre Gide section grow into a large database of information. Due to the many email messages and requests that we receive, we have decided to create a separate research site from "the library" devoted specifically to Gide. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and have sent your regards and comments. They have been extremely appreciated.

  • January 29, 2000 - We are currently putting online the next of our critical studies sections - Caves of the Vatican / Lafcadio's Adventures. Other critical studies will be added in the coming months.

  • January 25, 2000 - Announcement of an International Gide Conference