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A brief chronology of André Gide's life and works

The following list does not include all the works issued as separate volumes or Gide's translations from Rilke, Tagore, Conrad, Whitman, Goethe, Shakespeare, Pushkin and Blake. The dates of the works are those of regular publication. In some instances a small edition "hors commerce" was published before the regular edition. Several of the dates found in the books themselves are misleading; Les Faux-Monnayeurs, for example, is dated 1925 but was published February 27 1926.

More biographical elements will be added to this list periodically.

    1869November 22. Born in Paris.
    1880Death of his father.
    1891Attends salons of Mallarme, Heredia.
    Les Cahiers d'Andre Walter.
    1892Le Traite' du Narcisse. An edition of twelve copies was published in 1891.
    Les Poesies d'Andre Walter.
    Two parts of Le Voyage d'Urien published in La Wallonie, May-June.
    First trip to Algeria, with Paul-Albert Laurens. Tuberculosis and convalescence. First homosexual experience at Sousse.
    Le Voyage d'Urien.
    Le Tentative amoureuse.
    1895January. Second trip to Algeria. Meets Oscar Wilde, acknowledges homosexuality.
    Summer. Death of his mother.
    October 8. Marries Madeliene [Emmanuele] Rondeaux.
    1896Contributes to L'Ermitage.
    Les Nourritures terrestres.
    1897Supports Captain Dreyfus.
    Le Promethee mal enchaine.
    El Hadj.
    1900Lettres a Angele.
    1901-7Period of apathy and disquiet.
    1901Le Roi Candaule.
    1907Le Retour de l'enfant prodigue.
    1909One of the founders of the Nouvelle Revue francaise.
    La Porte etroite.
    Nouveaux Pretextes.
    1912On jury of the Rouen Cour d'Assises.
    1914-16Works at the Foyer Franco-Belge (for Belgian refugees).
    1914Souvenirs de la Cour Assises.
    Les Caves du Vatican.
    1916Religious crisis; writes most of Numquid et tu ...?
    1919Begins crucial second part of Si le grain ne meurt.
    La Symphonie pastorale.
    1921Morceaux choisis.
    1923Birth of Catherine Gide, daughter of Gide and Elisabeth van Rysselberghe.
    1924Corydon. First published anonymously in 1911, as C.R.D.N.
    1925-26Trip to Congo and Chad.
    1926Les Faux-Monnayeurs.
    Journal des Faux-Monnayeurs.
    Numquid et tu ...? Published anonymously in 1922, but the edition was not for sale.
    Si le grain ne meurt... The title-page is dated 1924, but the book was not published until 1926.
    Twelve copies of the first part were printed in 1920; thirteen copies of the second part were printed in 1921. These editions were not for sale.
    1927Voyage au Congo.
    1928Le Retour du Tchad.
    1929L'Ecole de femmes.
    Essai sur Montaigne.
    Un Esprit non prevenu.
    1930L'Affaire Redureau.
    La Sequestree de Poitiers.
    1932-39Oeuvres completes, 15 volumes.
    1933-36Antifascist speeches and articles: presides at various leftist meetings; goes with Malraux to Berlin, to demand release of Dimitrov (1934).
    1935Les Nouvelles Nourritures.
    1936Summer. Disillusioning trip to Soviet Russia.
    Retour de l'U.R.S.S.
    1937Retouches a mon Retour de l'U.R.S.S.
    1938Death of his wife.
    1939Journal, 1889-1939.
    1942-45In Tunisia and Algeria.
    1942Interviews imaginaires.
    1943Attendu que...
    1944Pages de Journal, 1939-1942.
    1947Receives Nobel Prize for Literature.
    1948Francis Jammes et Andre Gide, Correspondence, 1893-1938.
    Notes sur Chopin.
    1949Anthologie de la poesie francaise.
    Paul Claudel et Andre Gide, Correspondence, 1899-1926.
    Feuillets d'automne.
    1950December 13. Premier of Les Caves du Vatican at the Comedie-Francaise.
    Journal, 1942-1949.
    Litterature engagee.
    1951February 19. Dies in Paris.
    February 22. Buried at Cuverville.

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