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Andre Gide 1869-1951

Below you can find a list of recommended biographies and critical texts about André Gide. The online center for Gidian Studies owns each of the texts listed below as well as additional reference and research material. If you are unable to find these books through your own library or bookstore and need information for research purposes, please contact the online center for Gidian Studies.

We have broken the list of books into two categories:

Biographies are books that focus on all aspects of Gide's life and works.
Critical texts concern themselves with some specific aspect of Gidian study (i.e. theatre, greek mythology, pedagogy).

We will be the first to admit that all of Gide's biographies are critical texts on his works and the critical texts all have biographical elements to them. There is never a clear definition between Gide's life and his work.

selected biographies

    André Gide
    by Albert Guerard (Harvard University Press, 1951)

    André Gide
    by David Walker (St. Martin's Press, 19901)

    André Gide: A Critical Biography
    by George D. Painter (Atheneum, 1968)

    André Gide: Ethic of the Artist
    by D.L. Thomas (Secker & Warburg, 1950)

    André Gide: Evolution of an Aesthetic
    by Vino Rossi (Rutgers University Press, 1967)

    André Gide: His Life and Art
    by Wallace Fowlie (Macmillan Company, 1965)

    André Gide: His Life and His Work
    by Leon Pierre-Quint (Knopf, 1934)

    Correspondance Between Paul Claudel and André Gide
    edited John Russell (Secker & Warburg, 1952)

    by Germaine Bree (Rutgers University Press, 1963)

    Gide and the Hound of Heaven
    by Harold March (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1952)

    Portrait of André Gide
    by Justin O'Brien (Secker and Warburg, 1953)

    Selected Letters of André Gide and Dorothy Bussy
    edited by Richard Tedeschi (Oxford University Press, 1983)

    Self Portraits - The Gide/Valery Letters
    edited by Robert Mallet (University of Chicago, 1966)

    Youth of André Gide
    by Jean Delay (University of Chicago, 1963)

    selected critical texts

    André Gide dans le labyrinthe de la mythotextualite
    by Pamela A. Genova (Purdue University Press, 1995)

    Gide's Eagles
    by Ben Stoltzfus (Southern Illinois Univeristy Press, 1969)

    André Gide: Pederasty and Pedagogy
    by Naomi Segal (Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1998)

    André Gide and the Greek Myth
    by Helen Watson-Williams (Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1967)

    André Gide and the Art of the Autobiography
    by C.D.E. Tolton (The Macmillan Company of Canada, 1975)

    André Gide: The Theism of an Atheist
    by H.J. Nersoyan (Syracuse University Press, 1969)

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